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We, Katja & Sophie, met during being students living in the same shared flat in Bayreuth, Germany. Already then we shared our passion of talking for hours about life, love and good food which sometimes meant too little sleep but an open and happy heart. :-) 

For both of us yoga & meditation is not just a work-out and mental training - it's life changing. Both of us have started in the last years to create our life exactly how we are wishing for. We travel a lot, we laugh a lot and we are learning every single day. 

Yoga & meditation help us to know what our hearts are beating for, to have the courage to bring our passions into the world and to deal with situations that are just not easy, as they are also part of life. 

We are so looking forward to spending time with you, getting to know you, understanding what drives you in your heart and maybe also support you to bring your amazing ideas into the world. Let's see what will happen during our retreat - we are so curious and excited!

About Katja

Katja is one of the warmest and most beautiful persons you can imagine. Spending time with her means laughing, talking about life and enjoying each other. Everything seems light with her.


She is one of the persons you just feel so comfortable with, you can be fully yourself and talk about everything without fear of being judged. I really feel like Katja has so much love and light in her, that she just enters the room and lightens it up. She is also one of those really wise human beings that just listening to is a learning journey on its own. Be prepared to having the notepad out when listening to her. :-)

Katja is originally from Germany, but has been living in Spain, USA, Bali and Brazil together with her wonderful husband Gabriel. They recently decided to settle on Morro de São Paulo where the retreat takes place. Her husband partly grew up on this island that's why they know this place very well and can give you an authentic local experience. They connect this place with so much love & magic as they celebrated their wedding there and learned so much about life (most of the times eating delicious pancakes together :-) ). When they quit their step career in America and moved to Bali and into the unknown :-) they started blogging on 

Katja did her yoga teacher training in Thailand and says about yoga:

"I was brought to yoga with the simple sentence: 'Katja, you need to breathe'. Little did I know, how breathing and practicing yoga would change my inner & outer world forever. It allowed me to gently feel through my emotions instead of running from them. The effects of yoga is something everybody is able to feel, it just takes your body, curiosity, and some minutes. Are you ready?!"

Oh and, Katja is also the most wonderful vegan cook (I discovered a whole new food world because of her). Her dishes reflect the many countries she lived in and are pure love, I promise you! She is also the happy animal mama of little Puma.

(written by Sophie)

About Sophie

Through Sophie, pure authenticity shines. This means that everybody who meets her will get to see her just the way she is - sometimes so funny and goofy and sometimes serious and thoughtful but always loving and kind. She is a real Pro when it comes to self-reflection and has learnt to analize and observe herself while keeping an open and caring heart. Her (mostly ;-)) non-judgmental way of being makes it super easy & comfortable to be around her. And OMG can you laugh with her! She is also one of the best listeners I've ever met and has the gift to be honest & gentle at the same time which makes people drawn to her seeking for advice.

After building a mindfulness initiative from scratch at the big Corporate Siemens in Bavaria (Germany) where she lead plenty of yoga & meditation lunch breaks as well as mindfulness workshops for the company's staff and leaders, Sophie took all her courage and left the corporate world to dive even deeper into her personal and professional calling. She founded her own company Zen & Go that successfully focuses on bringing more mindfulness into the corporate world.

She says about yoga:

"Yoga & meditation practice is like lightening a flame. In the beginning it is very small but already you feel like something is changing, more light comes into dark places inside of you and you feel better. With practice the flame becomes bigger and bigger and you start to feel in a way that you never even thought was possible! Life becomes exciting and less fearful."

By the way, Sophie knows how to make the best spinach salad with an unforgettable tahini sesame dressing which she learnt from her time working at an amazing sushi restaurant. And she loves to share meditation techniques that will allow you to discover a whole new world.

(written by Katja)

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